Work with us

At Tandem Allied Health we believe in 2 core ideas:

  • - that happy employees are better able to support their clients, and

  • - as health professionals, supporting our clients always comes before “business” considerations

We look for ways to get things done for our clients, balancing evidence based practice with a flexibility in our approach.

We believe that work is better when we have the space to adapt to the complexities of life outside of work; whether that be balancing work with parenting, other employment or just your passion for Monday morning brunch.

Hence all our staff have real & significant flexibility in the hours they work.

We'd love to discuss how we can support you to grow professionally as you make an immediate difference in the lives of our clients.

Benefits of working with Tandem
Significant flexibility in work hours
Neuro and/or Paeds client base
Great Support for supervision & PD
Amazing pay, with options for full time, part time or casual.

Flexible leave: Only apply to use annual leave when away for > 1 week.
Otherwise just rearrange your calendar, ie. take a day or more off whenever you want

Whilst we always welcome interest from all allied health professionals, at present we are seeking to add team members from the following professions to our team:

Occupational Therapist
Speech Pathologist

New graduates are welcome to apply

To find out more you can email us at hello@tandemah.com.au