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Our Specialisations

Some examples of how we do therapy differently

Circus skills

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Circus skills are a great way to improve balance, gain strength and develop new physical skills and confidence. We use circus skills during 1:1 sessions, ensuring that therapy is targeted directly to the physical capabilities we are working to improve.

Horticultural Therapy

Neurological Adults - Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Bending down, reaching outside your base of support and using fine motor skills all whilst helping a new plant to grow. It sure beats standing in a corner with your feet together. That's without mentioning the challenge to planning skills, functional sensory training and positive impacts on your mood and wellbeing. What's not to love?

Lego Group

Paediatric Speech Pathology

Fine motor skills, turn taking and social skills. Plus little yellow creatures with snap on hair. Lego allows so many skills to be developed, making this one of our most loved offerings. Therapy that kids love.


Neurological Adults & Paediatrics -  Occupational Therapy

So many of us miss out on exploring our artistic capabilities. But it doesn't always need to be this way. Depending on the art form, art can be used to challenge both gross and fine motor skills, spatial skills, language development, planning and so many other aspects of daily life. Its impact is simply beautiful.


Paediatric Physiotherapy

Rolling, climbing and balancing. Exploring, engaging and developing. All with soft mats. It's pure genius for therapy. As opposed to a general gymnastics experience, our Physio's use gymnastics in 1:1 sessions that are tailored to challenge specific components and skills of moving. It's like the usual benefits of gymnastics targeted and super-charged.


Neurological Adults  -  Occupational Therapy

Cooking is not only important for independence, it can also be a challenge across so many important domains. It's got planning, shopping, budgeting, time management, sensory stimulation, fine motor skills and much more. Plus, there's food. Did we mention the food?

Sports Skills

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Sport is fun and therapy should be too. Rather than watching a child completing yet another "bridge", why not get the same benefit whilst engaging in something that means something and is actually motivating. By its nature sport has endless physical possibilities. We use sports skills 1:1 and sneak in all the exercises we'd usually recommend. It's sneakily beneficial, like hiding fourteen different vegetables in a bolognese sauce.

Our Service Area

Our service area includes Moorabool, Melton, the Macedon Ranges & Ballarat.

Not sure if we cover your area? Get in touch to discuss your options via

Settings where we work

In most cases our therapists will come to visit you at your home, or we can hold sessions at your kindergarten, school, workplace, or even a local swimming pool, gym or park.

We also have facilities & partnerships set up to support various activities in and around the region, such as aerial circus, gymnastics, aquatic physiotherapy and others.

Funding Options

We offer a range of funding options. If you would like to discuss any of the funding streams please get in touch.

We are passionate about helping people to get the therapy they need, so we'll always do our best to find an option that will work for you.


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